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The Kingfisher Boats


Kingfisher Boats is a leader in the Aluminum Boat Building industry. With a customer base throughout North America, and over 27 different models to choose from, this Canadian based company has created the ultimate brand affinity among coastal explorers and avid fishermen.

Kingfisher is one of seven companies owned within the Bryton Marine Group Portfolio. Since establishing our relationship with Kingfisher Boats and doing outstanding work on a regular basis, Bryton has brought over several other companies to our agency. These companies include Eaglecraft Boats, Weldcraft, and Duckworth boats.

Video and Photography


Our relationship with Kingfisher started 6 years ago by providing video production and photography services.

As the boat models change so does the need to update visual media and most recently our team filmed 2 Kingfisher GFX models.

Now we have an incredible partnership built upon passion and teamwork.


One was located off the coast of Vancouver Island and the other was based out of Vancouver. Both shoots were targeting different demographics and customer bases.

One shoot was formated specifically for social media and utilizes FPV drone or race drone. This allowed us to capture perspectives that other brands in the space do not.


3-D Renders


Most product based businesses find it difficult to communicate the value, function and differentiators of their products to customers online and in marketing materials.

For Kingfisher it was the same. The solution we suggested is 3D renders, which allow customers to visualize a product in ways that traditional photography does not.

With 3D renders Kingfisher is able to showcase their boats colour and variations for all boat models in their online boat builder.

This project included modeling nearly all 28 boats entirely from photos rather than cad designs. We then had to create color zones and isolate the various color options that Kingfisher offers its customers. This project took a total of 6 months to complete due to the amount of detail it required. We completed this project on time and on budget.

In 2021 Kingfisher Boats brought all marketing over to our organization.

Kingfisher approached us with the idea of running two separate Google Ads Campaigns for both their Mercury+ 2125 & 1925 Arrow Boats and also their new Yamaha + GFX partnerships.

For the Mercury campaign, their goal was to raise awareness in specific regions in North America, such as Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Minnesota, and Michigan. This campaign saw click-through rates as high as 48% in Manitoba in just one month since its launch.

boat image

The Yamaha campaign was a 30-second video ad campaign on Youtube and saw over 53% of all users who viewed the ad finish viewing the ad entirely before skipping or clicking away.

Our team conducted extensive market research and found over 2,500 different YouTube channels that relate to our audience to maximize the total views on our video.

Most prominently, FLAIR, a fishing channel with 2.5Million subscribers, contributed over 500 views with a 55% average watch rate.

circle 1 - $0.03 cost per view inside dark blue circle, circle 2 - 74,000 impressions on YouTube inside orange cirlce, circle 3- 394% increase in clicks since we have taken over inside dark blue circle, circle 4 - 26,000+ total views inside lighter blue circle

The Result


Our average Cost Per View was $0.03 over the duration of our campaign with continuous efforts to add prominent channels to the delivery list, new keywords, and excluding non-performing or redundant keywords over time.

Since taking over their account, in the last three months, we increased their total number of clicks by 394%.